Friday, July 31, 2009

just a general update

i feel like i have been way out of the blogging world loop lately. so here is a general update of what has been going on with me:

- i spent a week in mexico visiting my friend Karen & her hubby Heath. I went with Kristen and other than being sick to my stomach majority of the time, I had a blast. We traveled to another Mexican state and saw some ruins and some speciality crafts. but my favorite part of the whole trip was when kris, karen and I finally got to just chill by ourselves (there were several other people visiting too) and really talk and catch up! it was fabulous! oh and we saw "The Proposal" it was stinkin hilarious! 

- i almost missed my connecting flight on the way home bc of customs, i literally had to run to the plane in dallas... which meant my luggage didnt make the plane and wasnt delivered to me until 2am! 

-as soon as i got back, Justin's dad and little brother came to visit for a few days. so we of course decided to put them to work! the pate family (the twins, sheldon, kirk (dad) and i) stained our kitchen cabinets a dark walnut! we applied a gel stain and got new hardware.... guys it looks incredible! i promise to put pics up soon but we are still finishing one thing. 

-then right after they left i had a girls night at Mel's with Duke, Amanda, Eleanor and Heather! It was super fun and is just always like therapy to my soul to spend time with them. We had a giggly time trying to use my new "bumpits" in our hair and eating of course! Mel and I are officially "retired" now... at least thats what her father in-law said we should call it! 

-since then i have been at church nonstop getting ready for vbs! decorating, shopping for supplies and food, preparing lessons etc is quite exhausting. last night i went to bed at like 9:45pm! we have vbs wed-friday of this week. i am teaching the preschool area and they are so stinkin cute! 

- also this week i have had two job interviews! one with WKU and one with Southern Foods. I felt good about both, but time will tell. 

- and my thyroid levels are once again way off! i did some labwork and found out i am extremely hypothyroid again (low thyroid) which is really strange bc i have felt more energetic and better than i have in a year lately! so anyhow, they bumped my dose of medicine up and we will see how that goes. 

i think thats all i got... hopefully i be back on track to post regularly now. 

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