Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jobapalooza: Things I will miss about being unemployed!

Welcome to Jobapalooza, where we are celebrating all things work. Why? Because I got a job!

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Things I will miss about being unemployed:
  • Having the time to sit and read books, blogs, or whatever else I want in the morning times.
  • Seeing my hubby alot!
  • Hanging out in Starbucks in the morning times. There is just something about having a white mocha, my bible, and the sound of milk steaming that warms my soul in the morning time.
  • Having such a clean clean house.
  • Being able to dwell as long as I want in my quiet times.
  • Spending lots of time with my dog. He is such a cute cuddlier!
  • Being able to go and see my family during the day.
  • Getting to grocery shop during the weekday mornings, when no one else is there!
  • Perusing the internet for new recipes or books or home decor ideas.
  • Having accountability to help me fight off my materialistic nature ("no sabrina, you cant buy that because you are unemployed"... works better than "you just dont need that sabrina")
  • My house- for better or for worse I love this place. it gives me a sense of peace and familiarity.
  • Staying in my pj's until 2 in the afternoon.
  • Being able to watch HGTV on Hulu randomly!
  • My home and husband being my only responsibilities.
  • Being forced to solely depend on the Lord to meet our needs. That is one really cool part of being unemployed, you are forced to depend. I hope I will remember to daily depend on the Lord, even with a job.
  • There are probably plenty more, but this is what I can think about right now...
It really has been a pretty cool time in my life. I mean, a weird and rough time, but a pretty cool time too!

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  1. those are all wonderful things and I hope that you can find a way to still incorporate each of these in some way (well...maybe not the pjs until 2--the office might frown on that)

    and i think i need to go jobless so i will stop buying things!