Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can I get a little help?

Dear Blog reading friends,

I need your help. I will be writing an article for a Christian Women's online magazine about Celebrating Christmas on a budget. I am super excited about it! But I need input! Pronto!

Please answer the following questions in the comment section:

  • What is your favorite tip for saving money during the Christmas season?

  • What is the hardest part about sticking to a Christmas budget (or if you dont have a budget, how have you ended up spending way more money then you meant too)?

  • How many people do you typically by presents for?

Your help would be much appreciated and is super needed! Can you believe it is time to think about and plan for Christmas already?? Crazy!

Much Love,


  1. How exciting!!

    -My saving money tip: draw a name out of a hat and buy one nice gift for that person. Everyone gets a gift and you aren't buying a ton of gifts.

    -Hardest part is I love buying presents so it's easy to go overboard.

    -I usually buy for about 10-15 people

    Good luck. Post the article on your blog!

  2. -Money Saving Tip: Plan & Buy Ahead of time! The price of toys seem to get more expensive (& less sales) the closer you get to Christmas! If you buy throughout the year, you have an entire year to grab great sale items and deals.

    -The hardest part about sticking to my budget is when I want to buy something for everyone! (which we cant!)

    -I buy for my husband & kids. My parents/his parents. For everyone else (close friends and other close family we bake cookies & make cards for them!)

  3. That's exciting! :)

    We have to buy for entirely too many people, so it stresses me out a little.

    Last year my sisters and me just exchanged ornaments, which was actually really fun to pick for them, and this year I have new ones to use! It saved a bunch.

    I also drag myself out (with my mom and sister) on Black Friday - the crowds are awful, but I always get a lot done and always save $$$.

    For our immediate family we do very very simple!

  4. What a great opportunity!!!

    I really have a hard time w/this issue b/c I LOVE buying presents for people and always go overboard, but I think that homemade gifts are one of the very best money savers!

    If you're crafty at all you can very easily do personalized ornaments--I have done polymer clay ornaments before which are super easy and everyone loves. Also food/baked goods, things that you knit, sew or crochet, or gifts involving pictures are a very meaningful gift (scrapbooks, calendars, etc...

    One of my other great money savers is to shop stores like TJ Maxx, Essex, Tuesday Morning, or consignment get great deals and they usually have some really unique items.

    You can always do "gift certificates" for things like a homecooked meal, time together, etc...the only problem with those is that they get forgotten a lot.

    Good luck and I hope you'll link to the article!