Thursday, June 2, 2011

The long awaited reveal!

I haven't been trying to hold out on you, I promise. I just wanted to take pictures when there was a good amount of natural light, and things have been busy lately! Anyhow, here is our nursery at present (warning- large amount of pics coming at you!):

A view from the door

Going around the room to the left. My glider (which we both love to sit in) and fabulous curtains!

Love the alphabet letters

The sofa bed with a cheap slipcover we got on clearance! woo hoo!

Arent they cute?? LOVE THEM!

The blanket from the bedding and the cute things from Kirklands. 

These letters were decorations at the shower my sister threw me, and Mr.Pate thought of putting them on the door. I think its cute! The animals were in a diaper cake McKenna made for our church shower. 

Mr.Pate thought of putting up a rack for the diaper bags, such a smart man. And there will be two of those white owls up (thank you Whitney!) but one fell. 

This is from my sweet friend Nancy and has the life verse we picked out for Griffin on it (Col 1:9-11). 

The Crib! 

A top shot! Love the crib bedding- thanks Mist and Ash! That giraffe thing is a playmat that is super cute and soft! Thanks Rhoyce! 

This banner was used at the gallatin shower too. Love!

A cute gift from April that worked out perfect for the room. 

A little shelf we have hidden in the corner. 

We are getting a modern looking birth announcement framed and will put it in that spot to the right. 

We went with cubbies. 

More letters from the shower. Love reusing! 

The cute monkey Sarah made us!

Cute frame McKenna painted us!

Are these totes the cutest things or what?? You can actually stick your hands in the mouth and get stuff out! Thanks Kristen!

A view of the organized closet... so many clothes! 

Mr. Pate put up a closet organizer with a bunch of shelves for us. We have lots of things in their own plastic tubs to stay organized. 

And that's it folks. We are still arranging things on the cubbie thing and the wide open spot next to the crib is going to have his birth announcement framed on it. Ill be sure to post that when we have it (which will be when we have a son! Ahh!! 

Overall I am very pleased. The room is bright and cheery, has some good modern touches but is fun and kid friendly. What do you think? 


  1. It looks awesome! Can't wait to see Griffin in it! :)

  2. love it so much! and i'm so glad that my little monkey matches so well :)

  3. This looks GREAT!! I'm head over heels for those letters :) fabulous pattern!

  4. Wow!!! His room is AMAZING! Now we just need a Griffin! :)