Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cloth: My GoGreen's

I follow several cloth diapering blogs, and I really enjoy how many of them do reviews of the different brands and types of cloth diapers. One such review was for GoGreenPocketDiapers. Their pocket diapers run from $8.99-$14.95 so I was immediately intrigued because that is cheaper than most.

The review was for their "Champ" diaper. Here is a brief description from their website:

The Champ™
Our innovative new pocket diaper! The Champ is a premium one-size pocket diaper with the convenient feature that you don't have to remove the soiled inserts - they come out by themselves in the wash! The Champ also boasts AI2 functionality. We've added an additional snap to both the diaper and the insert that allow the insert to be secured outside of the pocket! No slipping, no bunching. This snap also conveniently keeps the insert and diaper attached in the wash whether you choose to use the insert in or outside of the pocket - no more sorting laundry! The Champ features an extended sizing range, and truly will fit from birth to potty (and beyond!). Our Dual Gussets™ barrier provides superior fit and containment - no leaks on even the smallest of babies. Visit our products page to see our full line of Champ and regular diapers!

So the things that made me super interested in this diaper was that they claimed it would fit from newborn to potty training. Some other diapers so that, but then the weight really means several weeks after birth. These claim preemies could even wear them. Also the double leg gussets. This is supposed to further prevent leaks. And they have a pocket opening in the front and back, so really they have a "sleeve" instead of a pocket. Bc of this, the insert is supposed to come out on its own in the wash.

So I ordered two and I am excited to see how they do. They do snap down smaller than the others I have and the leg gussets look good. But they only come with one insert and most others come with two. Ill let you know how they work once Griffin is here! Now on to the pics:
 I ordered the cow print and black. Love the cow! 
 A view of it open. 
A close up view of the double leg gussets. 

Anyone ever heard of these diapers or tried them?

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