Saturday, June 18, 2011

Progress progress

We have been all about getting things done around the Pate household! Here is what we accomplished this week:

- put the stroller together (wheels on really)
- got the carseat out and installed the bases in our cars
- cleaned the sunroom and got it looking normal again (better than normal actually, it got an upgrade)
- cleaned out the pantry (it is amazing the food that hides in a pantry for three years!)
- reorganized a cabinent so there is room for bottles etc
- cleaned the kitchen
- cleaned and restored our bedroom (all the extra stuff from the old guest room had been living in here with us)
- started preparing Joey (I'll do a whole post on this one)
- finished thank you cards (other than actually mailing, which I am determined to be on top of!)
- Mr. Pate installed my diaper sprayer (thank you so much babe!)
- went to another breastfeeding class

Busy bees!! My "must be done before Griffin comes" list is almost complete! Woo hoo! Today I am going to actually clean the house and finish putting a few things away, then all we have is our clothesline, prep diapers, get a side table for the nursery and we may be good to go.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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  1. let me know how the diaper sprayer goes. we have contemplated getting one but haven't yet.