Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shower #2

My second Baby Shower was the very next day in Gallatin thrown by my wonderful Sister! She is quite the party planner and always goes above and beyond. The decorations were awesome! It was really great to get to go home and see family and friends I rarely get to see! Here are some pics from the day:

How cute is this?? Love the duckies in the punch! 

Some of my bff's: Karen, Alysa, Me, Cort & Jamie

Look how blessed this baby is! 

Me & Karen trying to compare bellies! She is 29 weeks and I am 33 weeks. 

My sister, me and Mom

A family photo where Dad and Mom's eyes are actually open?? No way! Haha!

Thanks everyone! It was such a good afternoon and so good to catch up! I wish we had taken pics of everyone that came, but I was too busy talking to people. Oops! Misty- you did an amazing job and I hope you are relaxing this week! 

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