Monday, June 6, 2011

Bradley Birth: Other Info

I had really hoped to share much more about what we learned in our Bradley classes, and maybe some of that will still happen. But as for now, it is not looking likely. These posts take lots of focus and writing, and I am afraid I have hit the exhausting end of pregnancy and just cant put fort the effort. Right now everything is taking ten times longer to complete, which is kinda annoying! Ha! And the to-do list before Griffin gets here is getting long and requires my attention.

But I wanted to go ahead and share lots of links that cover some different topics we did talk about in class. My teacher Lindsey has a page on Facebook called An Everyday Miracle, and if you are interested in Natural Childbirth then you should like the page. She is constantly sharing great links. So without further ado here are a bunch of random articles on random things pertaining to natural childbirth (let me note that I do not always agree with each article or chose what they say, but it is good to be informed regardless):

I am sure there are tons of other topics I wanted to discuss, but I am tired! Soon I do hope to either write a post on labor positions and dealing with pain in labor, or share an article. Lets hope that happens because I am sure I need a review anyhow! Goodnight all...

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  1. Thanks for sharing this info! Get some rest!!