Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Elephants have Arrived

... In the nursery that is! Ha! This past weekend, Mr.Pate hung blinds and the curtains in the soon-to-be nursery (which happens to currently be a mid-twenty year old guys room for now- yeah he doesn't mind the change! ha). Woo Hoo! I love them!!! What do you think?

Please ignore everything else in the picture because it will change. They came out as the pop of fun color and modern element I was hoping for. Yay! 

Our bedding also came in last week, so Mr.Pate and I spread everything out on the table to try and pick a paint color. Here is a look at that process: 
A look of everything for the room so far...

A better view of the cute bedding blanket (Thank you Mist & Ash!!)
View of the bumpers and crib skirt

A close up of the two colors we are thinking about... 

So as you can see, we are thinking a light yellow for the walls. I am leaning towards the "Summer Sun" on the right, and Mr.Pate is leaning towards the "First Light" on the left. Any thoughts or suggestions?? 

Thats the nursery progress thus far... stay tuned as the room develops in the coming months. What do you think?


  1. I like the one on the left! It's all so exciting for you guys!

  2. everything looks so good! i like the summer sun a lot :)

  3. I like the one on the left, but both would look nice. I LOVE THE CURTAINS!!!!!

  4. I love the animal theme! how fun!

  5. love it Sabrina! The curtains look great! I like the Summer Sun also! :) It seems to be a little lighter, but yet brighter from your pics...looks nice and fun and relaxing for the little guy's room....just my opinion! :) Can't wait to see the progress you make!