Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cloth: My Kawaii's

Kawaii Diapers are another brand I found through a review on a cloth diaper blog. They are not as well known and are very cheap! They run $6.99-$10ish and all come with 2 inserts. $6.99?? Sign me up! I was hesitant at first, but the reviews on the blogs all said they were very good and held up well. Then my friend Amanda got some and has been using them with her kids. She loves them and is getting more, so that sold me on them!

I have several types of their diapers:
 I have 3 (one is not pictured) of their Snazzy Minky diaper. It is a soft minky on the outside. These two have sports all over them, so I just had to get them bc of Mr.Pate! 
 I have 2 Round Tab Snap pockets. 
 2 Goodnight Heavy Wetters, arent they cute?
 2 Pure and Natural pockets, which are newborn to 22ish lbs. 
 1 Snap Fun Print in Camo

The biggest downfall to these diapers is they are often out of stock on their website! So you have to wait around and stalk their site to get a good order in. O well.

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  1. I want to share with you my experience with these diapers. We just had our dd in march- I bought some of the diapers that were suppose to fit from six lbs. and up so that we could start when we got home from the hospital- well they didn't fit forever! In fact we just started using them a couple of weeks ago and she's 14 weeks! Other than that I love them- we never have leaks or blowouts in them!!! I just ordered some sun baby diapers which I have heard good things about, too. They are 12 for $60.