Saturday, June 25, 2011

38/39 week OB Appointment

All along my doctor has counted my appointments on the week I am about to enter into, bc they are always on Thursday or Friday and I switch weeks on Saturday. I have been counting them as the actual week I am on. Confusing.

So yesterday I went to the doctor again. My blood pressure was 118/62 (which is goo but the top number is higher than I normally am). Griffin's heartbeat was 150. So maybe we were both just a little more excited than usual? Dr.Gass did a cervical check again and I am almost 3cm dilated and 75% effaced. So progress is being made in there.

Baby is at a -2 station, which is how they measure how far down the pelvic bone they are. It is measured going from a -3 to a +3 with -3 being at the top of the pelvic bone and +3 being the bottom of it.

Exams are uncomfortable. I just want some of you to be aware. There is so much pressure when they are pushing into to you and feeling baby's head. During your yearly exam they always say you may feel some pressure, and I never do. So I thought this would be the same way. Nope! Just a warning. One more reason not to do this every single week! Ha!

I go back on Wednesday for my next appointment. Goodness.

We talked to Dr.Gass some about labor. He still feels confident that my body is going to be able to do this just fine and naturally! Yay! We randomly started talking about due dates and going late. I was very late (4 weeks) which sounds nuts today! But Dr.Gass said when they had their daughter (2 weeks and a few days late) their doctor said if you haven't had the baby in 2 more weeks we will induce you. Which would have been 44 weeks. That used to be common. But now everyone is begging to be induced before their due date. When we started saying 37 was full term, people started believing that almost as a due date. I mean people keep saying things to me like "is he ever going to come out?" "any day now" and "do you have an induction scheduled soon?". It's as if they think Griffin is super late- and I am still a week from my due date! I know at this point some people are so uncomfortable and struggling, I get that. But as a society we are just programming ourselves into wanting shorter and shorter pregnancies. That could get dangerous!

Off the soapbox.

So things were good at the checkup. My body is gearing up to deliver my boy and someday in the not distant future I will have a son! Until then it is time to keep waddling along!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. Sabrina!! I might see you on Wednesday. That's our next appointment too. You are TOTALLY RIGHT about the pelvic exam. OUCH!! I've dilated one centimeter, am 50% effaced, soft cervix, and -2 station. Dr. Gass says I'm an unusual case and he thinks our baby will come on time. THAT made me a bit nervous. All along, I've just expect to be late as a first-time mom. I'm with you about just waiting it out, sister! No need to pressure nature! Hang in there! You're a star!

  2. In all my peds nutrition classes last year, we learned how most babies are not able to coordinate the suck-swallow-breathe until after 37 weeks, which is super scary since its not uncommon for babies to be taken before that time. No wonder moms can give up easily with breastfeeding! We make it harder on them and baby! Plus all the brain growth that happens in the last weeks is awesome. Hang in there! Proud of you!