Thursday, July 9, 2009


confession: i love to watch movies and tv dramas. i love a great story line... wait i love any story line, great is not a requirement. but that is not the confession. the confession is that when the show is over, i am sad. actually disappointed! 

here's my routine: i rent a dvd. i watch the dvd. i then watch every extra thing they have put on the dvd (deleted scenes, bloopers, behind the scenes, etc). and then i sit here and almost lament that its over. why cant i have more??? 

i am sure this sounds like the weirdest and lamest thing ever, and you are probably wondering why i have the urge to tell the blog world all about this. well here is the thing, tonight i actually started wondering why i do this. 

here is an example: earlier this year one of my students let me borrow her one tree hill seasons on dvd. i was a big fan of the show in college and had not watched it since. it is an hour show (well w/o commercials it is probably 40 something minutes) and there are like 20 episodes at least each season. so it would take the average watcher at least a few weeks to put a dent in one season. how long did it take me? go on, guess...

like a weekend for each season... yep. now before you start judging me and thinking i must not do anything but sit and watch tv all day long, just wait and hear me out. the reason i do this is not bc i have alot of free time. in fact, i gave up sleep to watch those shows. why? 

b/c i am addicted to the story. any story. once i get inside a story i want to be there forever... i am the girl who is still thinking about what the couple from the movie's life would be like five years down the road days after i watch the movie. i am the girl that will talk about the character like they are my best friend that i grew up with. i am the girl... you get the picture. 

so this still bears the question- why? well tonight (after watching and loving Confessions of a Shopaholic and getting disappointed when alas it was over) i realized it is because i long to truely be in peoples lives. it is because i long for community. God made me that way. and thru movies and shows, you get to see into character's lives and inner thoughts. i just eat it up like a drug! 

but real life isnt like this. we put up masks and talk on the surface and are too busy to really see past the surface of each other. this, i think, is why the entertainment industry is so lucrative. because we all long for the "non-reality" it is selling us. 

so i am endeavoring to give more effort to be real face to face with people (as opposed to simply on my blog), and less effort to squeezing every drop of life from my redbox-rented-dvds. if you see me, hold me too it! 


  1. Love it! And i completely agree Sabrina! I do the same with books. I literally get depressed when they end.

  2. i do it too...i think maybe that's why i prefer tv on dvd to movies--it lasts much longer! and i will watch and re-watch the same tv series in their entirety over and over again. one weekend when i was having a particularly bad time with my health i immersed myself in the twilight series and read all the books, listened to the soundtrack, and watched the dvd (with all the special features including re-watching it with the commentary of course). i got in such a funk and spent the whole time in bed. patrick had to snap me out of it by saying that he was worried about me! sometimes getting so wrapped up in fiction really messes me up though--i forget my priorities.

    (sorry for such a long comment!)

  3. Sabrina, I totally understand the whole watching things a lot faster than it would take the average person. I have watched all 6 seasons of One Tree Hill this summer!! haha. Hope all is well.