Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Welcome to Jobapalooza! What is Jobapalooza you ask? It is my week long blog celebration because I got a JOB! So what will it entail?
  • A post each day about work, looking for work, being unemployed etc.
  • Things I will miss about being unemployed
  • Things I won't miss about being unemployed
  • A look at working and our spiritual lives, how do they mesh together?
  • A Q&A with yours truly (but only if you guys participate and make it happen!)
Ready to party?? Haha!

The Q&A Post:

I realize that there are probably questions you have wanted to ask me over the course of the last four months like: why did you leave your job, why didnt you go get a part time job, why did you major in that??!! etc etc. Well now is the time to ask these questions! I am mainly doing this for me, I want to reflect as much as possible over what I have learned during this whole process. So please join in and help me do that! Ask anything related to me and a job and lack there of. Come on... don't be afraid... I don't bite... I am not easily offended... Bring it on!

I will answer the questions on Saturday, so please ask before then!


  1. I have no questions, but Im excited to continue reading as you start this new adventure in life!

  2. What are you going to be doing EXACTLY at your new job??

    Will you have time for meals and game nights with your friends?!?! <---I'm not joking!! Interested party! :)

  3. i had all the questions you mentioned! hehe. well except for why you chose your major. I think it was just because you liked it?? but seriously, why did you leave your last job and why did you really want this new one? what exactly will you be doing? I'm so curious bc erik is still looking and have went through such a roller coaster of emotions and priorities. Please enlighten me! :)

  4. What is your new job title, and what will you be doing?

    What do you feel that you learned about yourself through your time of not working? you want to get together at some point on Friday? I don't have any plans except putting something together for Patrick's birthday the next day. Let me know!