Thursday, December 10, 2009

A writting assignment...

Remember back in October, when I asked for a little help on an article I was writing? Well the article is in the December issue of Exemplify magazine, and I thought I would share it with you! It is on page 16, here is the link:

Things I learned through writing this article:

  1. I am not a writer. I know I post a lot on my blog, but actually writing something put together and cohesive is quite the stressor for me.
  2. My brain is way too scattered for my own good. I actually had two, almost three, articles being written at the same time because I just didn't know what point I was making or which way I was going. So I ended up changing what I thought I was going to do at the last minute.
  3. God really teaches you when you are trying to teach others, ya know? It was as if I was writing to myself, telling myself what I needed to do to focus my heart and wallet during this season.
  4. I just do not desire to have any kind of job that forces me to be creative… occasionally I can be creative, but when it is a necessary thing I stress out! I had decided to do this back when I didnt have a job, and I just wanted something to do that seemed like a job I think...

Anyhow, enjoy! And also, if any of you do love writing and are looking for an opening into that "field", if you will, then check out . They are looking for writers for several different subjects.


  1. Good job on the article! You say you're not a writer, but you do really well with it. That's a cool resource.