Tuesday, December 8, 2009


27: Things I Would Do If I Had Time

I feel like there are constantly things going through my head that I would love to be doing, if only I had the time! So here are just a few of those things, in no particular order.
  1. Visit our families a bunch!
  2. Watch a Christmas movie everyday until Dec 26th.
  3. Cook really cool, gourmet meals.
  4. Scour "Simple Mom's" blog archives, I love pretty much anything she writes.
  5. Scour "Young House Love"'s archives.
  6. Upload all of my pictures to Picasa.
  7. Tag all of my pictures in Picasa.
  8. Use the "Faces" feature in iPhoto for all of my photos.
  9. Find every letter of the Alphabet in nature/architecture and take pictures of them.
  10. Read all of the Narnia books again.
  11. Read all of the Babysitters Club books again (oh sweet childhood).
  12. Watch Troop Beverly Hills, License to Drive, Teen Witch, A Chorus Line and Can't Buy me love in a movie marathon with my sister, while eating cookie dough.
  13. Scrapbook.
  14. Research remodeling my bathroom.
  15. Clean my van.
  16. Finally make the collage in the shape of 2009 with all the youth pictures I printed off.
  17. Watch all this season's "One Tree Hill" episodes on Youtube.
  18. Take the stickers off of our french doors.
  19. Roast s'mores in my backyard.
  20. Sit at Barnes and Noble with a peppermint mocha, a great book and my journal.
  21. Have a sleepover with mel, amanda and duke. Maybe play with the bump it again? haha!
  22. Go stay at a bed and breakfast.
  23. Go see the lights at Opryland Hotel and stroll through Opry Mills.
  24. Go see the Nutcracker.
  25. Have a Christmas potluck at my house with Christmas music blaring!
  26. Paint the doors in my house.
  27. Use my fireplace!
I could probably think of a million more things too, but enough about me- what are the things you would do if you had time?


  1. it's also neat to take pictures of your last name in nature. hang it up. you may have already done it and that's why you now want other letters! i don't know, just a thought. plus your name is four letters, that can't be too hard, right?

  2. make chicken and dumplins...check. it is in the crockpot as we speak! Holla! couldn't get the zero point soup to load in time for the grocery run. maybe next week!

  3. Carly- making art from the letters is exactly why i want every letter. they look so good, dont they? I am really in search of an f for a Christmas present, any ideas?

    Elizabeth- I hope you enjoy it a ton, we love it! It is supposed to be in my crockpot right now too... but plans change I suppose. Next week!

  4. number 12 almost made me cry... haha i dont know why i think it just sounded so fantastic to do with my sister! oh teen witch....i remember thinking she was sooo stinking pretty!

  5. get my house organized, catch up on my scrapbooking...and i've always wanted to visit the Opry Land Hotel's Christmas lights!

  6. teen witch was pretty, so so stylish for the eighties!