Friday, December 4, 2009

If you were a fly on the wall…

Here is a sampling of what you would have heard in my home this week, if you were a fly on the wall:

  1. "No pee"
  2. "Me play ball"
  3. "F*$# You!"
  4. "Hello Puppy"
  5. "Kieeshshsh" (imagine a hissing noise)
  6. "No movie"
  7. "No night night"
  8. "Home"
  9. "PUPPY!!!"
  10. "Me Leash"
  11. "Ballgame"
  12. "Oh where, oh where, oh where oh where oh where (very high pitch)… is the digger(very low voice)"

We have been keeping Charlie for the past few days. And the other night, as I sat at the table finishing my dinner, I listened to Mr.Pate's and Charlie's encounter in the bathroom as if I was a complete stranger who had no idea what was going on. It was pretty funny. And, lest you think we pate's have taken up profane language, please note that all the above quotes were from Charlie. Yes the kid cuss's. Thanks a lot random kid at CAP who taught him that. You are my favorite person ever…. NOT!


  1. That is great...never know what any child will pick up but especially one like Charlie. My darling last year said "dammit no." and flipped me off.

    I hope things went well.

  2. Love it! i often thought our conversations with Micah were the same way. an outsider wouldhave no clue! however, now it is almost like brother and i have another language that noone understands. "micahish" if you will! ha!

  3. sounds like quite an adventure!! and i must admit that i laughed out loud @ #3--when i would lead my college bible study last year patrick would be playing xbox in his office and occasionally there would be loud cursing from the back room during our prayer time...