Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The 27 favorite or most memorable toys of my life

1. Talkboy: Loved it! I used mine mainly to pretend I was interviewing some famous person or to record my beautiful vocals.

2. Cabbage patch kids: Mikey was my first and most loved. I had him for a long time and I am telling you, I was so obsessed with him. I also had one of the baby ones.

3. Polly Pockets: Basically it was like a teeny tiny barbie house that closed up in a box (I think they are different now). I was supper obsessed with these and loved them so much. This is by far my favorite childhood toy. A few of my specific fav ones: the orange square one that was a house, the flower shaped one that was some kind of garden, the one that had the roller-coaster, and the apartment one. Some pics, just in case you have never seen a polly pocket!

4. Barbies: I always liked the non-blonde ones best... I guess I related better to them?

5. Paper Dolls: I know that paper dolls have been around for a really long time, but I just adored them.

6. American Girl Dolls: I had Molly, the girl that lived during WW2 I think? She had cute pigtail braids. But I didn't like her bed or chest, so I had Samantha's chest and bed. I also read all of the books, like every american girl's. They were great.

7. Care Bears: I had one that I wouldn't let out of my sight until I went to Kindergarten.

8. Barbie Corvette Power Wheels: I was styling and profilin' in my pink vette.

9. Game Boy: Oh yeah, the old school grey boxes. I had a barbie game I loved, and the ever so popular tetris.

10. A Tea Set: I had a little ceramic tea set that I played with all the time one winter.

11. Bike with the Radio on the Handlebars (it had a specific name but I cant remember): Such a simple thing really, and I probably could have rigged up my own, but I loved that bike and radio so much. I would ride up and down my road jammin.

12. The bed tent: I had one of those tents that was attached to the matching sheet set, it was like camping in your bed! Awesome.

13. The computer: Old school computer that is... as in actual floppy disks. My favorite games we had were jeopardy, wheel of fortune, and where in the world is carmen san diego. (And at school? Old school Oregon Trail!)

14. Mall Madness: The ultimate shopping game! You even got a credit card!

15. Girl Talk: I was such a wuss and almost always chose truth.

16. Peg Game: We bought one at a restaurant we used to have at home called Po' Folks. It was like the one on your tables at Cracker Barrel except it had corners too.

17. The Children's Encyclopedia: I have told you people a million times that I am not creative, so I used to love these books because I would get ideas on things to play etc. Seriously, I was that girl.

18. Furby: The saddest part about loving this toy is when I loved this toy... my junior year of high school. Don't judge me- it was the trend!

19. CandyLand: My cousin Amy and I would not only play it, but pretend we lived in that world. You have to admit its a pretty cool world.

20. Teddy Ruxpin: The talking bear that had books who went along with him.

21. Trolls: They were all the rage. Why did we ever like these ugly little things? I played with mine like a little baby doll and even had clothes for them.

22. Easy Bake Oven: Yummy yummy. It is so funny that I liked this so much, my mom would have let me just use the real oven but instead I baked tiny cakes in this! And why am I so bad at baking now?

23. Popples: Anybody remember these toys? They were these stuffed animals that basically folded into a ball or "popped" out. They had shows too, which I watched all the time.

24. Littlest Pet Shop: But not the ones you think of today. Back in the day they looked like this, and i loved them.

25. Pound Puppies: Remember those adorable faces and little carriers they came in?

26. Roller Racer: Man these were fun!

27. Chatty Cathy: Mine completely wore out! I would always play with this at my nanny martha's. She was definitely a favorite doll. This was a vintage doll, I guess it was my grandmothers and she just let me play with it there?

Well that was alot of toys, and a huge trip down memory lane! I hope this post brought back good memories for some of you, and informed some of you youngins about some awesome toys before your time! For those of you reading in a "reader" or on your phone, I have linked several of the toys to websites that have pictures or more info. So if you are interested, then come to my actual blog and click away! Enjoy!


  1. Get out of my childhood, Mrs. Pate! Polly Pockets were the coolest! I think I had 24/27 of these toys!

  2. So many things a could were definitely a girly girl! Totally had Teddy Rumpskin (sp). I played with him till he died!

    Loved the roller racer! Wrecked a few times though!

    i played with my brother's ninja turtles a lot. Turtle power!!!

  3. writing this post made me want to be a child sooo bad- or have an elementary aged one of my own who i could push all these toys upon!

    angel- i had a ton of them too!

    e- i was definitely a girly girl- have you met me? i am pretty sure i still am! ha!

  4. I LOVE THIS!!!! seriously, a few nights ago i was completely engrossed in this website called "ghost of the doll" which lists tons of the toys and dolls from the 80s and early 90s. amazing!! I think I had that green polly pocket in the picture and i also loved them.
    surprisingly, I never had an easybake oven! but we did have some tiny aluminum pans that my mom would let us create things in. one was a coke cake and it was NASTY.

    Also, instead of a real cabbage patch kid, my great aunt had bought some look-alike doll heads at a craft store and made one for me! she is named ruby and is still in my parent's attic (as are all my toys except my brightly doll..)

    i was also a non-blonde barbie fan, and adored my paper dolls...but my brother would always rip off their heads. come to think of it...he would tear off the barbie's heads too--then my dad would try to glue them back on and they would look sad b/c they had these really short little necks...sad day