Saturday, December 5, 2009

A song for your enjoyment

Oh Christmas Tree,
Oh Christmas Tree,
How Lovely are your ornaments!

I love my Christmas tree so much. My first birthday as a married lady, my sister and mom got me an-absolute-ton of ornaments for our first tree. I heart each and every one so much! Also on my tree, ornaments made by my dear Becky, ornaments with pictures of my beautiful nieces, starbucks ornaments (this year they did a cold cup one that is too cute!), and even a handmade one by yours truly. My favorite thing to do each night when I walk in the door? Turn off the living room lights and plug in my tree. The world seems so much cozier, more romantic, more nostalgic under the glow of white christmas tree lights.

Do you have any ornaments that are your favorite?? Do tell!

PS. Kelly's Korner is doing a "Show us your life" party on Christmas trees, click here if you want to see lots and lots of trees!


  1. your tree is so pretty!! i also LOVE christmas ornaments. One of my favorites is a porcelain ballerina that my mom got me when i was taking ballet classes when i was little. I also love our lobster ornament from our honeymoon in bar harbor, and we've collected quite a few little bulldogs in honor of our butchy!

  2. Such a pretty tree! I got the regular Starbucks cup ornament today also. Let's see... my favorite Christmas ornament would have to be the "First Married Christmas" ornament featuring Mickey and Minney or we have a pretty ornament that is very "oriental" looking that my aunt gave me right before my first trip to Asia. I love sentimental ornaments!
    Miss you! I'll be in BG a few days next week so I would love to see you!!

  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Christmas tree! is yours real or fake? i have to have a real one. i love the smell. i think i have 4 or 5 starbucks ornaments! I am going to have to go get the cold drink one :-) my favorite ornament at the moment is a new one we got that has my whole family represented on it. maybe i will do a post on my Christmas decorations this afternoon!

  4. my tree is a fake one, I have only had one real one in my life and I just couldnt handle it. all the little pines falling off and the branches werent as strong... I am such a fake girl lol!

    i think all three of you need to do a post on your christmas trees just for my holiday enjoyment!! pretty please???