Monday, December 7, 2009


1. Mr.Pate's grandmother is getting older and pretty much losing her mind. Aging is really a sad process. Anyhow, she can rarely control her bodily functions and doesn't notice when she pees most of the time. She has peed in almost every restaurant in Louisville, poor restaurant staff!

Anyhow, on Thanksgiving Day she happened to sit in our recliner for about 10 minutes. 2 days later I smell pee in my house... yep she had peed on my chair. And I have tried and tried to clean it, but it is not coming out.

Does anyone have any suggestions??

2. Anyhow an SNL fan? Ever seen the Target sketches with the checkout lady who always leaves to go get herself one of whatever the person is buying? In real life, that lady lives in BG and works at Wal-Mart, not Target. On Saturday I was attempting to check out at Wal-Mart. I have the worst luck in picking a checkout line, I always pick the slowest one! When the lady in front of me finally started to get check out, the Wal-mart lady immediately grabs some game the woman was trying to buy and talks about it for 5 minutes. She had never seen it, it looked so fun, she loved games, she was going to have to go grab one in a minute, etc. Seriously?

Then she tried to make me bag my own groceries bc I had reusable bags... should I be punished for that??

3. Joey has all but taken completely over my home. He used to be (as in two weeks ago) a dog who only lived inside when we were home. He is now a dog who only goes out when he feels like it. Anytime we go to leave now, instead of walking to the back door and waiting to be let out like he used to do, he sits in the hallway and gives you a weird look. When you call for him he stares and does not move. If you get really stern he will come over and slowly walk out with his head hanging down, which of course melts your heart! Darn dog! We are soo wrapped around his paw!



  1. Nature's Miracle! It is sold at petsmart i know and most other pet stores. it is a white bottle with red writing and a red top. or you can get the citrus smelling one and it is in an orange bottle. it is made for dog pee of course but it removes any smell so strongly a dog can't even smell it. it also removes stains like it is it's job...ok it is! anyway, i would try that...if that doesn't work, could try febreeze right after. between the two it should be much better at least!

    sorry about your walmart luck.

    i can totally relate to the joey story. Molly won't sleep upstairs under the bed anymore. when it is time for bed, she runs to her doggie bed, curls up real fast, and stares at you like "i'm sleeping here." i don't really care...but it makes me sad that she doesn't sleep with us. teenagers! ha!

    sorry i am failing at the blog right now...just don't have anything to write about!

  2. thanks girl! i am totally going to buy this stuff tonight!

    no pressure on your blog dear!

  3. i agree about soaking the chair in stuff for removing dog pee--i used Woolight pet oxygen carpet & upholstery cleaner as well as the febreeze specifically made for animal smells. just soak the chair really really well a few times and let it air out.

    a cashier at walmart made me bag my own groceries b/c i had reusable bags too! Kroger is much more friendly towards reusuable bags--and you get gas points or 4 cents off your total for each reusable bag that you bring back into the store to use!

  4. I always pick the wrong line too. :( I would not have bagged my own groceries either. Hey, you are doing your part at being green and should not be punished for it.