Monday, December 7, 2009

And... Fail!

Well it is Monday night, and already my menu plan is a big fat fail! Ha!

We will now have Charlie for awhile tomorrow, then Wednesday through Thursday morning. So that changes the time we have for cooking etc. Other ways my plan failed:

1. I forgot to look in the bag of salmon I had to see if I had enough pieces for our dinner tonight, which I did not! So we had ravioli instead (it was yummy).
2. I forgot to have Mr.Pate go to Sam's today to get use a bag of Chicken. So tomorrow will now be Asian Tomato Beef and Chicken and Dumplins will have to wait till next week (dangit!).

Moral of the story: Always meal plan in the kitchen and look at what you have while doing so. Don't assume!

** Ps. My beautiful tree finally has beautifully wrapped presents under it!

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