Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Got your minds out of the gutter! Haha! Here are a few quick things from Patelife:

1. For those of you how have noticed, I have missed a few weekly posts. Life is nuts and I got way out of routine by not having the internet this weekend (which is when i usually write all my posts).

2. Tonight was like therapy for me. I got my house in decent shape, finally menu planned for the week, started on my grocery list, had dinner with the Pate boys, watched some HGTV with the Pate boys (ha, yes they both like it whether they admit it or not!), had hot chocolate, caught the end of Home Alone 2, and organized my Christmas shopping list. [Insert huge sigh of relaxation and peace]

3. I gained weight at the scale for the first time since I started WW this week. I am again reminded this is not a sprint or an easy task, but a complete renewing of the mind (kindof like our whole life on this fallen earth once we accept Christ?!). It was only .4 lbs and I had a crazy weekend. However, I have to learn how to deal with crazy weekends... my whole life is a crazy weekend.

4. I absolutely adore my husband. Sometimes I feel like my heart could beat right out of my chest with love for him. Spending time with him centers me. The Lord has been so gracious to me in choosing this man to be my leader and friend. (Now be sure to remind me of this when he is hungry and being short with me, mmkay?)

5. I have lots of posts half written... ha I am such a halfway girl its ridiculous. Anyhow, I have plenty to share with you!

6. Next week is Christmas! So, because I love Christmas, and because I love you more than my luggage--- (wait I am not Pioneer Woman am I?? Ha!) next week is going to be Christmas week at Patelife! I am even going to give those of you with blogs a chance to join in and share some of your Christmas decorations, favorite memories or family traditions, favorite christmas music, etc! So get ready!

That is all I can manage to type right now, it is definitely time to hit the sack! Peace out my dear homies!


  1. For some reason my blog will not let me leave a comment..wierd!

    The Mannings are my Grandparents. The party on Saturday is in Franklin, KY with my Granddad's side of the family! There are quite a few of us these days. Nonie is one of 5 great, great grandchildren!!

    Running a mile is hard. Did you find a 5K for us to run?

  2. my mind went there...haha ;P

    glad you had a good "therapy" night--i'm having a bit of one right now after the monster baking last week...i still need to clean the floors but they are so scary right now!

    i look forward to your new posts and the christmas stuff!!