Sunday, March 6, 2011

The "Why" on Cloth Diapering

I promised to come back and share why I chose to use cloth diapers, and I am back to share just that. As I mentioned last week, I know around 25 people who use cloth diapers. So while cloth diapering is a very unfamiliar and outdated thing to a lot of people, for me it seems very normal. When my friend Amanda got pregnant, I remember us talking about cloth diapers. She is one of the most frugal people I know, so she was toying with the idea of using cloth diapers. She wasn't sure if it would be worth the effort or the money you have to put down up front. She ended up going for it, and not long after I felt like everywhere I turned people were using cloth diapers. When a few of us went up to see the little one, she showed us the cloth diapers. It was then that I was introduced to "modern" cloth diapering.

Since then I have seen many of my close friends use cloth. They all love it. They all say it saves them money, is better for the environment, and it is not that much added effort. Plus, they are much cuter than disposables! Ha! Somewhere along the journey, I decided that if I had children of my own, I wanted to cloth diaper them. I talked to Mr. Pate and he was on board (he still isn't crazy about the idea of washing them in the same washing machine as his clothes). He is especially all for the savings. So if I had to give a list of reasons on why I want to cloth diaper, here they are:

  1. Saving $: Cloth Diapers are cheaper in the long run. And if you have another child then you practically diaper them for free (minus the energy and water costs). Score!! 
  2. More absorbent and comfy for baby: Everyone says that the cloth diaper can hold more, they have fewer blowouts, and their babies don't feel wet. They also don't get diaper rash as often typically. Most pocket diapers have a lining that wicks the moisture away from the baby's skin. 
  3. Less waste: I am not the "green-est" person on the block, but I like knowing that I am helping our environment where I can. 
  4. Super Cute: Lets face it, cloth is cute. 

So thats my "why" on the cloth diaper journey. The savings is my main aim (comfort for my baby of course, but I know plenty of babies that fair just fine in disposables- just like myself). You can save thousands of dollars. Sign me up.

I will do some posts soon on the different types of cloth diapers, the basics of how they work, and I will definitely share how the journey goes once Griffin gets here and gives me plenty of dirty diapers to change!

For now, its your turn. If you have a kid, share which type of diaper you choose and why. No judgement here- use what works for you and like it.

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  1. we cloth and love it. thanks for the recipe ideas!!!