Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let Me Count the Ways

Let Me Count the Ways... I Drive You Nuts

In marriage, you have things that drive each other nuts. Usually (hopefully) these are not important things, and they are not deal breakers. They are simply the things that if you could change them about your spouse you totally would. Here are a few things I have been doing lately that drive Mr.Pate crazy:
  •  I steal his lunchbox (all the lunchboxes actually). I bring my lunch to work every day, and often I leave my lunchbox here. So by the end of the week I have used all of the lunch boxes, including Mr.Pate's. A few days ago, he walked in holding one of my lunch boxes (I have 3) and said "Here is your lunchbox so you wont use mine!" I just laughed and said "Well yours is actually stuffed inside that one... haha!" I drive him nuts.
  • I put my purse and coat on the chaise lounge when I come home sometimes. Instead of putting these things in their "homes", sometimes I just drop them there for whatever reason. It drives him nuts! He will comment to Joey, "Sorry you cant sit on the chaise Joe, somebody's stuff is all over it". Poor spoiled Joey. 
  • I am never really worried about being on time somewhere. The man is sooo time oriented! And it kills him to be late to things. I could care less about being late.
  • I put my ice cold feet on him. My feet are always ice cold, seriously cold. Mr.Pate always feels like an inferno, so I love to put my cold feet on his hot legs. He hates it.
  • I pick my lips. This is probably the habit of mine he hates the most. 
  • I pop my bubblegum. I love to blow bubbles when I chew gum. And I love to pop the bubbles. It happens often. He hates it- especially if I do it during church. You would think I just yelled out a million cuss words with the look his gives me after I pop a bubble in church.
What drives the people around you crazy??

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  1. patrick hates it when i pick my lips too..and when i have congestion which is about all 2011 so far!