Monday, March 7, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things... iPhone edition

It is no secret that I love love love my iPhone. And I have now had it for 8 months! TIme flies when you are loving electronics, haha. Anyhow, I figured it was high time I share my favorite apps/things to do on my iPhone just in case you need a few more distractions in life.

  1. Mail: I know-basic- but my favorite thing on my iPhone is having my email right there. My work on is setup to the general mailbox, so it alerts me every time I get a work email. Very helpful!
  2. mailpro: My personal email is a Hotmail account. Because of the way hotmail is setup, it does not work with the iPhone mail app. So I had to get a special app for that mailbox. It is $1.99, but it works great and is very handy. 
  3. Facebook app: This is a given. 
  4. MobileRSS: This is an app for reading blogs on the iPhone or iPad. Love it!! At first I had the free version and it worked fine but had ads, then after I got some iTunes gift cards I decided it was worth the $2.99. If you love reading blogs as much as I do then you need this app (if you read in google reader already- this connects to your google reader setup... but if you love blogs why arent you using google reader?? it rocks!). 
  5. BlogPress: This is an app that lets you write and publish blogger blog posts. It may work with a few other types of blogs, I am not sure, but I know it works fabulous with Blogger. It is $2.99 and worth every penny if you blog. I bought a $10 blog app at first (I figured it would be worth the money) and it sucks! This one is super easy to use and lets you upload pics soooo easily. The downfalls are that you cannot insert hyperlinks or categories and you cant schedule blog posts for later (at least I dont think you can- let me know if I am wrong). 
  6. Words with Friends: I am sure everyone has heard all about this one. I had the free version for awhile, which wasnt too bad. But they run deals for $0.99 all the time, so I just upgraded one day and it is sooo much better without the ads! (Ps.I am currently in a losing funk!)
  7. The Weather Channel: With our weather being so nuts in the past few months, I check this thing every morning when I get up. It is so much quicker than grabbing the laptop or turning on the tv. 
  8. BabyBump: I have downloaded SEVERAL pregnancy apps, and this one is my favorite so far. It has a journal to track weight, waist size and symptoms. Then you can look at charts or even email yourself the journal, so if you want to save these things for a memory book there you have it. It also has a space to keep up with pictures of each week, a kick counter, contractions counter, birth announcement and week by week info on the pregnancy. 
  9. What to Expect app: This is probably my 2nd fav pregnancy app. It gives you lots of info (prob more than you need). I like that it keeps track of the size etc. 
  10. BB&T app: Online banking at my fingertip. Love it. 
Those are my top 10 things I use on my iPhone. If you see me playing on my phone, I am more than likely using numbers 1-6. So fellow iPhone users, what apps am I totally missing out on?? Do share! 

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  1. I love my shopping list app. It is free and really nice. I also love Pandora, so that I can turn on music without my laptop or radio. I also love AroundMe. It is great for searching for restaurants, gas stations, or anything really that is near by. It will come up with a list of places, how far away they are and their address.