Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fluffy Fluff

We plan on cloth diapering little Griffin (love being able to came him by name!), and to say I am excited about it is probably an understatement. I know cloth diapering brings mixed feelings from people. Some people immediately picture old school cloth diapers with pins and diaper services (Mr.Pate was cloth diapered that way and his parents hated it! His dad would always end up stabbing the twins with the pins!Haha!). Others know what modern cloth diapering can look like and think of course!

If you had asked me about cloth diapering 3 or 4 years ago, I would have told you no way! How gross! What changed for me? The amount of people I have personally seen cloth diaper. I think I now know 25 people who cloth diaper. I know thats quite a few and not most peoples normal, but for some reason it is pretty popular with my friends. Anyways, once I started seeing it for myself and reading up on it I knew I wanted to cloth diaper when I had a kid. And now, Lord willing, that time has come!

So recently a friend brought me a bag full of cloth diapers. Yay! I was so excited to have some of my own!! And even better, she brought me a newborn stash to borrow! We will be going with one size pocket diapers, which means they are 1 diaper that adjust in size up until your child potty trains generally. The only problem is you have to wait a little while before your baby is big enough to start wearing those. So it was looking like we probably wouldnt start cloth diapering until I was back at work already, and that kinda bummed me out. I would much rather have some time to try it out and get the hang of it before adding work to the mix.

So here are the goodies she brought me:
The whole stash (minus a bunch more pre-folds)
 Six "fitted newborns" 
 A bunch of prefolds
 This cute newborn cover
 And all of these covers (several Thirsties x-small, 2 small)
 2 medium Fuzzibunz
 2 Happy Heiny's
 This is a Once Size Pocket Diaper. Notice those snaps? They make the diaper shorter or taller. 
 The inside of the pocket diaper
 And for fun, I wanted to see how many of these I could fit into the diaper bag we bought the other day... 
 The asnwer: 12 stuffed diapers/fitteds, 5 covers and some prefolds. 

I know thats a lot of cloth diaper talk, but I am so excited about it. Sometime soon I will do a post on why I am choosing cloth personally and some explantation for those of you who have no clue about any of this.

For now I am curious, what are your thoughts on cloth diapering??


  1. We love cloth diapering, most of the time, don't ask me on a day like yesterday when Sawyer had a disaster that actually had me considering throwing away a diaper and a pair of pajamas, in addition to having to shower him and clean the bathroom. :) We use prefolds with flips and thirstie covers. I also have about 18 bum genius 3.0 one size pockets that were purchased from It is a website for selling/buying used diapers. Most mamas take really good care of their dipes, so it can be an expensive way to get dipes and try a brand you are interested in.

  2. So not at all in the place where i need to think about it, but i decided about a year ago that it is really what i want to do (hubs isn't thrilled about the thought, but i'll be the one at home w/the baby and realistically i will do most of the diaper stuff). I love the green factor and how much money it saves! My parents used cloth w/me and are very opposed to it based on their memories, but it is totally different now! (same method for me as for mr pate). i can't wait to hear what you think of them b/c i am so interested!

  3. I am not preggo BUT I have thought about this topic and I want to use cloth diapers too. Both mine and my hubbies parents used them and they both are supportive in our thought to use them to save money and the earth. I haven't done a lot of research about it yet (no need to at the moment)but I had a friend to use them and she loved it. Can't wait to see how it works out for you!

  4. love it!! obviously! hope you like them! there is a trial and error period...don't get will quickly figure out little quirks about griffin and the diapers and then you will know exactly how tight to pull and how to stuff/fold etc! i had WAY less leaks and issues with wylie, just bc i knew what i was doing. don't be afraid to ask for help...i know you are not! yay for cloth!! loved catching up with you and your cute bump! love you!

  5. I think it's so awesome that you're doing this!