Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a pretty day!!

I am loving this weather!! It is a gorgeous day here in Bowling Green. I have nothing to really tell you, just thought I would recap my weekend so far and share random tidbits.

Last night I went to a large consignment sale in TN with my sister. It was legit. We got lots of little goodies for little Griffin at great prices! Yay! I love buying clothes for him because they are so little and cute and it reminds me he will really be here soon!!

Today we are heading to Owensboro with some of our youth to go Ice Skating. It feels weird to go do something cold on such a nice warm day, but whatever.

I woke up and got some house cleaning done, and my poor house needed it badly. We have just been out doing stuff every night lately so the house has been very neglected.

Working out is straight up getting difficult these days. All of the sudden it just really wears me out and I just can't breath! Since I have been working out the whole time, I didn't expect it to suddenly feel so hard. Ugh! But I just need to slow down some and continue on. It will help my body in labor, recovery, and help little Griffin develop well.

I know two people with little premie babies right now and I am just amazed at them. They are so tiny but such little fighters!! I also know one little baby who came on time but is having a rough time with his colon. He is in the hospital again and really struggling with feedings. Please be in prayer for these three babies.

Ok now it's time to take a nap in the church van...

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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