Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Late Night Thoughts

  • The curtains for our nursery are done. I just wanted long panels, so it did not take my sweet friend at church long to make that happen for me. I am dying to get them up and see how they look- even if they wont really stay. Hopefully later this week we will do that and snap a pic or two for you. Hopefully. The curtains are the thing I am most excited about in the nursery so far! 
  • My sister & brother in law bought our bedding for us and it is en route to our house now! Yay! My sis is in New York City this week with one of her best friends and they came across a Buy Buy Baby store, which is where the bedding is from. So they snapped these two pics for me so I could better see what the bedding looked like. I really like it. It fits the color scheme we want, has the animal theme and has numbers and letters. Woo Hoo!
  • My sister also got to go to Carlo's Bakery (Home of the Cake Boss!). Jealous. 
  • I am still wanting to share some posts on what I am learning in our Bradley Class, but I am finding it difficult. With kids and parenting there comes a lot of pressure and judgement I think. People judge every decision other people make, whether its if they chose to work or stay home, how they discipline, if they breast feed, etc. I just do not want my blog to be a place where people feel that pressure. If you are not into Natural Childbirth then I have no beef with that, its your experience and you should do whatever you want. Its the same thing with cloth diapers. I am super excited about them, but I could care less how you diaper your children. You know what I mean?? So I hope to share more of what I am learning soon, but I just want to make sure I share it in a way that is informative and not preachy. Because natural childbirth people can be down right pushy! 
  • Along that line, I am not even sure I would classify myself as a natural childbirth person. I just want to be informed and then make decisions from there. Imagine that- I want to know something... Ha!
  • One of my student workers came in yesterday and said he needed to ask me something. Then he asked me if he had filed his taxes.... which I told him was probably a question for him and not me??? Ha! Then he said that his friends had gotten money back and he had not. I had to inform him that the government was not going to send him any money until he actually filed his taxes. Poor kid... these are the kind of life lessons I need to remember to teach my kid. 
  • I have trouble breathing when I talk. This started after my thyroid surgery, but got better sometime last year. Since I have been pregnant it has been creeping back in and now I cant carry on a conversation without gasping for air. Seriously. It is ridiculous. The funny thing is, it is only when I talk. It doesn't happen when I work out and I still workout quite a bit so I do not think its because I am out of shape. I think I have forgotten how to breathe while talking. I do not know what I am doing wrong, but something is not right. How do I even go about fixing this problem??
  • I am at an ugh point with my hair. I really want to cut it into an inverted bob again, but I know that come baby time I am going to want a ponytail. It is just blah right now. 
  • I am suddenly falling asleep, so it is time to bid you adieu...


  1. I'm glad you posted the comment about being judged and judging others. I told someone at work the other day that I want to cloth diaper (or at least try) (when i have kids) and she said "you will NEVER do it. You might do it one day and you will change your mind." She has kids that are OUR age...i'm pretty sure it's changed since then, but I just had to say "ok, I'll at least try". I can already feel the judgement and i'm not even preggo!

  2. Just do what you want...when you go to bed at night, you're the one who lived that day and deal with everything that will encompass it. People are too quick to pass judgement. We all do things differently. You never know till you try! I tried being informed myself...but ended up having an unexpected c-section. You just never know how it might go. Best to be prepared all around! :) Happy curtaining.