Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To-Do Lists, To-Do Lists

To-Do Before Griffin Arrives:

  • Register at Babies R Us and Target
  • Find a Pediatrician
  • Tour the Labor and Delivery area at the Medical Center
  • Pre-Register for The Medical Center
  • Make a Birth Plan
  • Tour/Interview the Daycare (or Daycares if we really dont like that one)
  • Get Maternity Leave planned and setup
  • Clean out the Garage
  • Sell the extra crib & other things in garage
  • Paint Nursery
  • Decorate & setup the nursery
  • Wash all baby clothes
  • Wash and prep cloth diapers
  • Pare down bookshelves/ send extra books to attic (till Mr. Pate gets his "library" some day)
  • Learn to use the breast pump
  • Make Pregnancy/Baby Scrapbook (I want to make one that shares all my memories from being pregnant, but also tells our children stuff about who we are)
  • Clean out yard and get it in decent shape
  • Deep clean both vehicles
  • Clean the bathroom ceiling (it is gross)
  • Replace front door handle

This is all I can think of right now, I am sure there are a million other things that need to be added to this list! Ugh! I am going to post it on the blog as a way for me to keep track of it. I (hopefully) have around 4 months to get this all done. Here is to hoping!

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