Thursday, March 3, 2011


1. I have tons of things I want to blog, but I can't seem to find a good time to blog them. (Sidenote: people blogging about how they don't have time to blog is one of my pet peeves... I am so annoying)

2. Some of those things aren't even baby related. I know, shocking.

3. Today I woke up worried and have battled it all day. Do you do this about issues? Even when you have no signs of something wrong, you just start thinking the worst and can't shake it. That's me today. I can't remember feeling the baby kick or move since Monday. I am not very good at noticing it and I don't think it's as strong as others who have shared with me, but I decided to worry anyhow. I have a large growing mid-section and no others signs anything is wrong. I need to just trust the Lords plans whatever they are, an choose to not dwell on thongs I am not in control of. Pray that for me today please.

4. It's supposedly a fabulous day outside here in BG. I work in a windowless room so I have no idea. But seeing it put others in a food mood puts me in a good mood.

5. My new diapers I ordered came in! These are my first new cloth diapers. Yay! They are a not very known brand called Kawaii and are super cheap for pocket diapers ($8). My friend Amanda is currently cloth diaperin her girls and she said so far these are great! Just FYI.

6. I want people to start buying tickets to our high school reunion. Then we could know how many to plan for and how much extra money we have to work with for little cool things, such as a memory book of the occassion.

7. I love my youth group. Genuinely I feel blessed to get to invest in them. I am praying the Lord shows me how to continue to keep doing that with a little one.

8. Our dog is soooo spoiled. I really hope we are still able to love on him and give him attention when Griffin gets here. He is just so wonderful!

9. I have already gotten in trouble for calling Griffin "Griff". Have I told you about Mr.Pate's pet peeve with naming the kid one thing but planning to call it another? Well he hates it. So I have been banned from shortening it.Oops....

10. I am sure there are a million typos in here. I love blogging from my phone bc you can do it while you do most things (like workout). But the typing sucks. And I hate that there is no arrows to help you go back to a certain spot. Relying on the touch screen is not the best. Beggars can't be choosers right??

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. If you are worried about the movement, go to the doctor and have them check. That is what you pay them to do and it will calm your nerves. I did it ALL the time with both kids.

  2. praying for the Lord to calm your nerves!

  3. My favorite typo: "I need to just trust the Lords plans whatever they are, an choose to not dwell on thongs I am not in control of."

    Tip for the iPhone: if you hold your finger in place while typing, a magnifying bubble will appear that lets you move your cursor to correct any errors without deleting everything you've written. I still hate typing on mine, but it helps.

    I have a friend who loves the Kawaii diapers and loves them. She says she's never had a leak. Hope you like them as much as she does! That's a great price!

  4. I also wish that more people would buy tickets! I have big ideas for the decor! Although, they are very inexpensive ideas and involve leftovers from my wedding.

  5. I do the same thing with the baby movements. Just give it some time and you will ALWAYS feel him moving. Baby Elsie is so far up in my ribs that it's VERY uncomfortable.

    We also have 2 very spoiled dogs and am very curious what will happen when Elsie comes. One will just do what he always does by laying on the couch upstairs. The other will be right on my lap while I am holding her, I have no doubt.