Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yep, you read that right- I now have an iPhone! Ha!

Those who know me, know that I have wanted one of these things FOREVER! But they cost money. And Mr.Pate does not see that as a good use of our money, paying for something we dont really need... he totally had a point. Remember the days when no one had internet on their phone?? Ha! Anyhow, I still thought they were the most useful things ever and wanted one super badly.

Well my fabulous boss upgraded to the fancy-shamncy new iPhone4 and was kind enough to give me his old iPhone!!! For FREE!!! WOO HOO!! And not coincidentally AT&T just came out with a smaller therefore cheaper iPhone plan!

All that equals  little ol me upgrading to an iphone for only $5 more a month than I am paying now. What what!

So I need your help peeps:
  • What apps do you love?
  • Are their any tricks to using the iPhone I need to know??
Help a girl out!!


  1. yay for you! as far as apps...facebook of maps...words with friends is fun...other than that, i am still figuring it out! glad you got one! love you!

  2. that is awesome! i don't have an iphone but have an ipod touch. i use a "lose it" for food tracking and weight loss and love my "white noise" app to help me sleep while traveling. both are free. have fun w/your new toy!

  3. facebook. twitter. pandora. fandango. redbox. shazam. the weather channel. PS Mobile(photoshop) words with friends.

  4. words with friends is AMAZING!!! i play all the time

  5. People what are your usernames for words with friends?