Monday, May 17, 2010

Bookin' It in 2010-- May Update

Back in January, I decided to join FishMama in Booking It in 2010. I set my goal to read 2 books a month. In January I was successful, but not in February or March. So how did I do in April???

I completed 6 books in April! Amazing! That puts me right on track with the goal of 2 per month. Some of you may remember that last month I decided I needed to put aside the serious books I was trying to read and dive into some light reading. It seemed to work for me. I find that when I finish one book it makes me eager to "accomplish" finishing another one. And though none of the books I read last month were super deep or helpful books, I think they were good for me overall. Here are the links to my books reviews on each of the books I read last month:

Did you read anything in April???

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  1. i've read julia child's my life in france and a biography of judy garland--loved them both! now starting on Cleaving...will get it to you when i'm done! :)