Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sTori Telling... My take on it!

Did I mention I had been reading?? Haha! I have been reading like a crazy person lately, opening up a book every time I get a free moment. Last week I finished sTori Telling by Tori Spelling. I know, doesn't sound like my kind of book. For some strange reason I just really had a desire to read this book, and I actually enjoyed!

Things I Liked About the Book:

  • She writes in a way that makes you feel like you are just sitting at Starbucks listening to her life story. She is chatting with a friend, sharing her stories. It felt laid back and real. Surprising. 
  • She has a good grasp or understanding on who she is and where she came from. She gets that she came from a very rich family, and she makes no qualms about it. But she also shows you how that has been a blessing and a curse.
  • She is funny.
  • I liked seeing how she had worked so hard. Even though her dad was a TV mogul, she has still never made it "Big Big" you know? And she has been determined to do it herself. 
  • I loved 90210, so it was fun to hear about how the show developed etc. 
  • Loved her sarcasm. 
Things That Annoyed Me About the Book:
  • She completely cheated on her first husband with her now 2nd husband, and does not seem to think it was the wrong choice. I really hated how she talked about this part. I don't believe in divorce, unless there are dangerous circumstances. But I think she and Dean could have been honest with their spouses and left them before they started dating each other. 
  • She spends a long time on certain parts of her past, but doesn't tell you much about Dean or her life now. I would have liked to hear more about that. 
  • The flow could be confusing sometimes. 
Overall, I would only recommend this book if you are a big fan of hers, like biographies, or are a curious mind like me. It is not the most fascinating book nor is it life changing. But it was pretty cool to see what her life has been like. 

So speaking of Donna Martin... which 90210 character was your fav?? (And I am talking about actual 90210, not the new wannabe remake!)  Mine was Brenda Walsh and then the asian chick in the later years... 


  1. glad you enjoyed it! i wasn't allowed to watch 90210 so i don't have a favorite :(

  2. wow... i was never restricted from watching pretty much anything... i watched basic instinct when i was in elementary school.... hummm