Friday, May 7, 2010

Name that Movie Friday!

Welcome to "Name that Movie Friday"!

I have so many movies I could watch over and over again (or have watched over and over again)! So I have decided Fridays around Patelife will be a day for me to quiz you on lines from some of my fav movies. Are you up for the challenge?? Of course you will win nothing but my praise and excitement that you know lines from great movies (in my humble opinion), because i am not one of those super popular bloggers who get prizes given to them. Sorry for your luck!

"William Morris.  I'll transfer. You're not getting validated!"
"Have a nice day!"
"Have a nice day"?
"Yeah, I panicked, I didn't know what else to say!"
"I'm not lost. Somebody just moved my street."

"Violet, that is so cute! Now let me tell you about me. My name is Wendy and I first moved to New York when I was 21 to be a dancer, but I broke my big toe and then I got knocked up by this actor who dumped me to join the Peace Corps, so for the last 16 years I been raising my daughter all by myself and then two weeks ago, she tells me that she is a bisexual and that she hates me more than any person on this planet. 
Now tell me how I can help you, please, because I am dying to make *your* dreams come true."
"You collect comic books. That's so cute."
"It's not's very rugged and manly." 



  1. once again, not a clue, but it sounds like a funny one i might wanna check out!

  2. is it Coyote Ugly? The comic book line is very familiar and I'm pretty sure that's what it came from!

    Hope all is well is BG, things are a little wet down here in Nashville (luckly not my house)...can you believe it's been 5 years since we graduated from WKU!!!