Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fab 5 Friday!

Its time to let you know a few things that made my life a little more fabulous this week! Head to Emily's to see other people's fav fab things!

Here are a few of the things I am loving lately:

1. A Starbucks Caramel Mocha.... yummo!

2. The iPad!!!! No, I didnt suddenly get rich and buy one (I wish!), but my work did get one. So I got to bring the cute thing home and play with it! Its like a lightweight computer screen you can play on anywhere. I liked it alot, but I think I would only like it if it had the 3G not just wireless (the work one just has the wireless). But it was a fun toy to play with! 

3. My back patio: Mr.Pate has worked hard and this area is getting super cute!! Not only do we have the awesome chairs and string lights that recently made my fab 5 list, but he put rocks down in the flower beds and even planted flowers in the window box!! It is the most relaxing, awesome place ever!!! 

4. ZenniOptical: Have you heard of it?? Its an online store where you can get prescription glasses for $8 (+ $4.95 S&H)!! I broke my newest pair of glasses earlier this year, so I finally got around to ordering some more. The glasses I wear occasionally are 2 or 3 prescriptions old, so it will be lovely to upgrade- and for cheap!! I will post pics when the frames come in! 

5. A Few Days in February: This is a short Christy Nockels cd that I got several years ago at a Beth Moore conference. I just recently decided to pop it into the cd player and I am loving it. There is even a post coming soon focused on one of the songs, so be looking forward to it! ha!