Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Last Song... my take on it!

So I went from barely picking up a book for like two months, to reading four books in two weeks! I guess I caught a reading bug... or I started picking up easy reads at least! Ha ha! I recently completed The Last Song by Nicolas Sparks. Some of my dear friends are coming for a visit soon, so Mel & I decided we should read Last Song and then go see the movie. I have read several Nicolas Sparks and have loved every one of them. I always get sucked in and cant put the book down... I think this is why I tend to not read fiction much.

What I liked about the book:

  • Loved the dad character. He never reacted to things, he was able to control himself and see past what was immediately happening to the bigger picture. I want to be like that! 
  • Loved the setting! It was set on the east coast, maybe in North Carolina?? 
  • Loved the romance obviously.
  • I loved that he made Ronnie, the main character, a teenager who didn't drink, smoke, do drugs or have sex. Nice change from society's typical teenager. 
What annoyed me about the book:
  • His books always make you think your life isnt romantic enough. This feeling goes away in a few minutes, but I just couldnt read these books all the time or I would really put unrealistic and unfair expectations on mr.pate. 
  • It really made me want to be at the beach... really. 
  • Because someone always dies in his books it was predictable. 
  • The names Ronnie and Blaze (one of her friends)... I just didnt like them. Couldnt we have thought of something better? 
  • It ends too early... I want to know the rest of their story!!! 
Have any of you read Nicholas Sparks?? What do you think?? Anyone seen the movie?


  1. Oh girl wait til you see the movie! I saw it last night and cried my eyes out even though I knew what was going to happen!! By far I think this might be my favorite.

  2. Currently I refuse to watch the movie...I read it adn it's good but I can't cry any more! I still refuse to see the it twice I'm good!

  3. I loved it! I finished it in 3 days tops. i don't do that. I am totally not a reader. i agree about the names. Ronnie?? Boo! i did like the dad figure. def want to go to the beach. i loved how detailed the plot was. there were so many layers to it. i can't wait to see the movie!! plus, i love Miley, hahaha!