Sunday, May 9, 2010

Redeeming Love... My Take On It!

My friend Melanie made me read this book recently, and boy am I glad she did! I do not know why, but I have always avoided this book in the past. I have heard great things about it since college, but I am not the biggest fiction reader and "Christian fiction" just sounded dumb to me. But I love Mel, so I trusted her and read it. Wow! Here's my take:

Things I Liked About the Book:

  • Everything!! Ha!
  • Its based on the book of Hosea in the bible. Fabulous.
  • What a great picture of the gospel for us! Sometimes seeing it lived out helps you grasp it better, and thats what this book does. 
  • I loved the time period and setting. It made me want to live in a valley in the 1800s in a one room cabin. Such a simpler kind of life in many ways!
  • It was super captivating and easy to read. 
  • Fabulous love story all around. Great love story between the two main characters and about God and us. 
Things that Annoyed Me About the Book:
  • The beginning was kinda sad and depressing. You needed it for the story line, but it made me not want to keep going. 
  • That I didnt have an entire day to sit and do nothing but read this book! It totally consumed my mind while I was reading it, which was because it was so good. But thats kinda distracting and annoying when you have lots of other things to be thinking about. 
Overall, I love love love this book! I highly recommend it to everyone! Probably is equal to Narnia in my mind now, which is big. You have got to go read this book guys! 

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