Thursday, May 6, 2010

Days go by...

I really feel like life is on warp speed! Whoever has the remote, if you could hit slowmo that would be great, thanks. The days seem to go by so quickly now! I wanted to get a few random thoughts out of my head for you:

  • Mr.Pate has been working hard on making our yard the most amazing place ever. More on that to come!
  • I am currently in a use-lined-post-its-as-my-to-do-list phase. And I feel like I have been more productive at work than ever. 
  • I have been writing a post on my WW journey for 3 or 4 weeks now... and it still isnt done. Dont get your hopes up b/c I am sure when I finally hit publish post it will not be the eloquent description of how my self-image has grown (and shrunk and changed and whatever) over the last 4 years.  
  • Since the beginning of March, I have struggled to wake up each and every day. What is up with that?? Annoying.
  • This week my work is killing me food wise- donuts, cake, and more cake. And yes I work in a place with the words "health" and "fitness" in the title. Go figure! 
  • Yesterday I took a group fitness class called "Power Pump" at work, and today I can barely walk. Seriously. 
  • I am loving this season of Biggest Loser. SO.Fabulous. Michael is my fav. 
  • I have been struggling with meal planning and cooking for about a month and a half now. Thats not good for the budget. Ick. People I really need some cheap and yummy ideas!
Got anything random to share with me?


  1. sorry that things are so crazy! things are kinda here too, but i'm excited about big changes coming up! and i need to get that pampered chef stuff from you you have plans this saturday?

    glad that you're kind of back w/the blogging--i miss your posts!

  2. thanks for the encouragement dear! and i am excited to see these changes in your life coming up!

    saturday i do have plans pretty much all day. but i could met you somewhere and give it to you for a sec. sorry!! i am a horrible pampered chef host!