Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weeks & Love...

A few things I loved about last week:

  • On Monday we had an impromptu fellowship time with some church members! I am such a planner so this was a nice change for me. We went to the tennis courts right by our house to see the last home tennis match for a few of our youth (the Stone girls). Then I came home and cooked dinner for the Pate boys. I had a huge craving for lava cake (thanks to not being able to have it at our planned girls weekend due to the funeral). So we up and decided to go get the ingredients and make lava cakes for us and the Stones. So they came over after the match and we hung out and chowed down. After they left a friend we have been distant with due to drama brought his new fiance by and we just talked and caught up. It was a lovely night of just being real with people. My house was a disaster, and I got zero of the things on my to do list for the night done. But it was the most productive night I have had in a while. 
  • Friday was the graduation banquet for my department. It is a time for us to recognize the student workers and graduate assistants that are graduating and how thankful we are for them. It was a really great event and though I have only worked with these students for 7 months, even I was touched at the words said. It was really neat. We wont talk about the chocolate cake... (yes lava cake and chocolate cake in the same week... I told you I am a fat person at heart right??)
  • Friday night we had the Winkler's over! (Yep in one week I do believe I met my goal of being social for the month... sorry I wont be able to hang out with anyone else for the rest of the month!) It was real laid back and chill, which I loved. She made a yummy hummus dip with pita bread and we watched Sherlock Holmes- which was kinda creepy during it but was good at the end. Plus she is with child and totally has a cute baby belly right now! I love baby bellies. 
  • We had a work day at church on Saturday morning and actually got our childrens house organized to some degree! Woo Hoo!! 
Why I Love This Coming Week:
  • Biggest Loser is soooooo good right now! I seriously can barely stand waiting between episodes. But this also means the end is near and I hate the summer break bc its forever!!! 
  • Starting tomorrow, I get off at 4pm all summer!!! What What! I am thrilled!!!!!!!!! 
  • We are doing interviews at work for a new fitness coordinator this week. I cant wait till we hire someone for this position bc right now all of us are having to cover the roll. And it will be fun to take their audition group fitness classes and get free lunch! Ha!
  • We start our Youth Small groups back up this week! Yay! 
Are you looking forward to anything this week???

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  1. with biggest loser ending, losing it with jillian is beginning for the do you feel about that. i know it won't be biggest loser, but do you think it will be good?