Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why I Love This Week!

Before I let you know what I am looking forward to this next week, I think I will share a few things from this last week...

It heated up around here and it was beautiful! Our heat is turned off and our windows are now open, which I love. I drove to Cave City to meet my friend Mel for dinner, and my oil light came on when I got there. After dinner I went to the gas station to check my oil, and I figured I would need to put 2 quarts in (ps. we have an old van wit lots of miles on it, so it burns & leaks oil like crazy). Well to make a longer story short- my van must have been BONE DRY. I had to put 4 quarts in... it only holds 4 & 1/2 quarts total! In the midst of this, my sister's school's Principle came by and decided I was a little girl who needed saving too. Interesting night. I also discovered this week that I should not host Pampered Chef parties, as I attempted to do on Saturday. I invited about 30-40 people total. Guess how many people came? 2. Yeah you read that right, 2! But we had fun nonetheless! (Thanks for coming Sarah!) Apparently I should only have catalog shows because I have plenty of orders, just no one wants to come hang out with me! Hehe! And Mr.Pate has dug up my entire back yard practically. Yep that about sums up my week... so on to what I am looking forward to this week.

  • Spring weather! Grilling out, windows open, no jackets, and flip flops! 
  • Hanging out with a friend before she and her husband head off to be missionaries! Wow! 
  • I am running in my 3rd 5k this Sunday... I know, I am crazy. I let Becky talk me into it again, and now I have pulled the Pate boys in too! Haha! 
  • Reading in my hammock! I did this today and it was wonderful. I am almost done with a book- yay for progress. 
  • Date night Friday night!

What do you have going on this week??

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  1. i had a blast with you on saturday! can't wait to hang out more! i am jealous of your hammock--maybe i can convince hubs to get one of those...our little swing is just not the most comfortable for reading in, though it is still nice. i'm hoping for more lovely days of reading in the park! (though tomorrow i will spend my lunch break returning some things that i bought last month...