Friday, April 23, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Well its that time again, to pick out 5 things that make our lives just a little more fabulous! Emily started it all, so head over there and see who all's joining in.

1. My DVR. 

Yes, I lived the last four years of my life without cable. It really was not so bad. But now that I have this maybe, man TV watching has gotten sooo much better! Now we can just wait till the show we want to watch is over and fast forward through the commercials! Or the parts we dont like! Hello, Biggest Loser has never gone so fast. This is also a time saver- woo hoo!

2. My Book Light

Yes, its actually a headlight. Kristen gave me the idea to use a headlight when reading at night, and it works wonderfully! Mr.Pate does make fun of me, however. 

3. Criminal Minds

Not a tangible thing, but whatev. I am loving this show, which is weird because i dont like scary stuff and I have nightmares easily. But I watch this while I am working out at lunch and its great. I guess since its broad daylight it doesnt scare me as bad?? It is so suspenseful and helps me not quit working out- I have to see the end of the show! Ha!

4. Fudgsicle

Yummo! The no sugar added ones are 0 pts. for 1!! Woo Hoo!! Its my dessert each night. 

5. .... I have run out of ideas....

How about you???


  1. DVRs are the best invention EVER!!

  2. Oh how we miss our DVR.... The headlight made me laugh, but it is a very good idea!

  3. i too am in love with criminal minds! they haven't been new recently and i have missed them!