Monday, April 5, 2010

one twelfth

one twelfth of the little things that make up a year. one twelfth of the things that make me happy. one twelfth of the silly, meaningless details that make up a day, which make up a week, which make up a month, which make up a year, which make up the years of my life. 

my favorite moments and things from march 2010: 

  • Bed Time: No, not the actual time you go to bed (although I did sleep alot this month). Mr.Pate and I usually take a few minutes everyday to just lay down on our bed with Joey and play and cuddle with him. I love this time for us. Joey will inevitably step on us or sit on our heads, but then he cuddles in and we spend a few minutes petting him. Usually we catch up during this time too, but its just a sweet time for us. 
  • The Run 4 Ruth Ann: We ran a 5k at the beginning of the month at North Warren Elementary. It was a fundraiser for Relay for Life, but it was in honor of Ruth Ann, who passed away in January. Ruth Ann was Dustin's Kindergarten assistant and the sweetest woman ever. She fought as hard battle with cancer for many years. Dustin, Mr.Pate and I ran the 5k and it was a neat experience for all of us. She was a dear lady who is really missed!
  • A regular meal: Our friends Gary & Becky came over one night for dinner this month. It wasn't a fancy meal or a special occasion, just dinner with friends, but it was a fabulous night for me. I have already shared how this has just been a rough month for me, but this dinner was a great dose of love and fun for me. We just sat around our table and talked and talked, thats what I love about them- we could talk for ever! We mostly talked about food and ended up sounding like a bunch of addicts! Haha! But it was a great memory for me. 
  • DNOW: We had a DNOW in March that was great. It was such a good time with our youth and we really needed that I think. Good good times. 
  • Best Western: One Saturday night my parents and nieces came up and stayed in the Best Western here in BG. Why? To swim in the indoor pool of course! Ha! We actually all stayed there the night before my wedding, and my nieces have wanted to come back and stay soo bad every since. So this month my mom made that happen. It was fun swimming again- I always miss that when summer has been long gone. And it was just some great chill time with my family, which I never get. 

Anything stand out in March for you??

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  1. sounds great! hubs and i love our "bed time" too. a time to cuddle w/butch and talk, uninterrupted about whatever we need. we usually have to go to bed about an hour before we want to sleep! lol. it's just wonderful :)