Friday, April 2, 2010

Name That Movie Friday!

Welcome to "Name That Movie Friday"! 

I have so many movies I could watch over and over again (or have watched over and over again)! So I have decided Fridays around Patelife will be a day for me to quiz you on lines from some of my fav movies. Are you up for the challenge?? Of course you will win nothing but my praise and excitement that you know lines from great movies (in my humble opinion), because i am not one of those super popular bloggers who get prizes given to them. Sorry for your luck!

"Were the people high? Did we test them to see if they were high?"
"Am I going to get pregnant, because i can not be pregnant right now"
" I have no idea where we are. I mean, I literally could not find Vietnam on a map." 
**Hint: All from same movie! 

Now- Name That Movie! 


  1. i am horrible at this game. :(

  2. for some reason "Romey and Michelle's high school reunion" came to mind, but that could be totally off the wall...haha! Just throwing it out there!