Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For my iPhone peps

I don't have an iPhone. I wish I did. Thats another post though. If you have read my goals for 2010, then you know that I want to make a price book this year.

What's a price book, you may ask? Basically it is tracking the price of certain items over a long period of time so you can determine the sale cycle and absolute lowest price for it. You can find all kinds of info about a price book simply by googling it, but Frugal Hacks has a simple step by step guide to creating one here. Anyhow, so far all I have done is collect receipts!

But I may have a neat opportunity for those of you with iPhone's. Jim recently contacted me to tell me about a price book app he has created and wanted me to try. Ha! I was so sad that of course I couldn't try it. But he was nice enough to give me a code for all of my iPhone-having-blog-readers to try out!! So for any of you who live and breathe by your iPhone, be sure to check this app out and see if it can help you save some money... and make sure to come back here and let me know how it goes!! Pretty please?

The Promo Code: KJ4TNT67HPKE

Which can be redeemed at:

Do any of you already use a Price Book??