Friday, April 2, 2010

Fab 5 Friday!

I am joining in with Emily again and identifying 5 tangible things that made my life just a little more fabulous this week. 

1. Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning. Love it! It makes anything yummier. And now they are selling it in this jar, so instead of using several little packets a month I can save money and make this baby stretch awhile. Yay. 


2. My Planner! I have a notebook sized one from Target that has cute green, white and black decor inside. As I have mentioned before, I start each work day in my planner. I live by this thing. 

3. This new shirt. I got it at Plato's Closet for $2, its originally from Charlotte Rousse. It is colorful and flowy and makes me feel like Spring! Yay! 

4. The Arc Trainer, by Cybex. Can you tell I work in a gym?? I love this thing. You burn more calories than any other cardio machine and its not painful! Plus this thing has a fan on it, so while I am sweating to death I can get a nice breeze on me. Its my machine of choice right now. 

5. My Teva sandals! These are my favorite pair of shoes from April till October every year. I have the black ones, and I wear those suckers out. Zoey also likes to chew on them, so if you ever see me you should look at how bad mine look! Ha! 

What made your life more fabulous this week??

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  1. i love that shirt--so cute! great stuff this week :)