Monday, April 26, 2010

Weeks & Love...

My dear friend Elizabeth made a great point the other day:
"So, I struggle with the “Why I love this week” logo because I don’t always have tons of things planned to talk about. Maybe it is because I have a little one and so planning things is kind of hard. Or maybe it is because the things I don’t plan end up being my favorite. I don’t know, but if someone could make me a logo that says “Why I loved last week” that would be great."
But since I totally got the idea & logo for "Why I Love This Week" from Heather, I have no skills to make a cool logo. But if anyone else can help us out, let me know! 

"Why I Loved Last Week"

  • I read two great books.
  • The weather was gorgeous! We went to watch 2 tennis matches, and it was great to sit outside in the great weather and just chill.
  • The Biggest Loser made me cry, alot. I am loving this season now.
  • I got to see my family!! And sing karaoke! Woo Hoo! Ha.
  • Mr.Pate and I ended up getting to have a lazy Saturday which included cinnamon rolls, buying some awesome chairs and reading the day away while he tinkered around in the workshop. Perfect. 
  • I got my hair trimmed. I love a good hair cut! 
"Why I Love This Week"
  • My girls are coming for a sleepover on Friday night!! Woo Hoo! It has been almost 3 months since our last get together, so I cant wait to chill with my ladies. 
  • Last week most of my department was out at a conference, but they are back and that makes work much better! Yay!
  • Its Derby Bunko this weekend! I have got to rig up one awesome derby hat and get ready. 
  • I will see my WW group again! We didnt meet last week, and I love those people. We have the best group ever. Seriously. 
Anything cool happening with you??

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