Thursday, April 22, 2010

Living out of the fall...

I have noticed recently that I have a tendency to want things that are not good for me. All.The.Time. I know that the peanut M&Ms will do me no good, that I will only enjoy the taste but for a moment, and yet I make the choice to eat them anyways. I always have a longing for what I cant have. On these gorgeous weather days, I want to be a kid with no responsibilities who gets to go sit in the grass all day. I know that if that were the case, then I wouldnt have my husband or my life now- and thats not really desirable. But yet I want that time.

I could give a thousand examples but basically my point is that I so often spend this life longing for what I dont have or what wont do me good. It is straight up annoying really. But today it occurred to me that of course this is true for me, its true for all humans. This is us living out "the fall".

When Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the garden, she was choosing to believe the serpent's twisted reality that she was missing out on something. She wanted what she couldn't have. It is easy to be hard on her, because unlike us today, Eve only had ONE THING she couldn't have, but the truth of the matter is I make the same choice everyday. And I will be living this out everyday of my life here on Earth. Some days I make better choices than others (yesterday I didn't eat the peanut M&Ms, today I totally caved), but this will be my daily battle until this world passes away and the new heavens and new earth come into being.

This is what it looks like for me to live out of the fall. But I praise Jesus Christ, that even though I make such horrid choices day in and day out, I am not left with no hope. There is redemption from my choices. Thank you Lord!

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  1. wonderful reminder--i'm here with you in the struggle!