Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stylin’, profilin’ and simplifyin’…

Recently I mentioned that I got my hair cut. So for those of you who haven't seen me in awhile, some pictures to show this transformation. I do want to make the disclaimer that neither of these pictures are the best look at it, but I just don't ever remember to take pictures of my hair. So these will have to do… 
Not only am I stylin' these days, I am simplifin'! Haha! Starting in February I just started feeling like way too much was going on, I had way to much to do, and I had too much to keep up with. Do you guys ever feel like that?? I think I go through this process several times a year... actually maybe it always happens right at the change of seasons... hum. Anyhow, something had to give. So I cut my hair, because this hair cut is easier. It takes less time to wash and dry, I only have a few options of fixing it, and it looks cute without alot of fuss. I love it. 

What else did I do to simplify? Well, I spent a week or so not reading any blogs or writing any. I needed to see if it was something I really just needed to cut out of life, or if it was something that truly brought me joy or relaxed me etc... turns out it was the latter ;)! But at the end of that time I realized that I followed A BUNCH of blogs, some of which I could just care less what they had to say but I felt the need to read anyways. There were some that I liked, but I just could never get caught up on. And there were some I was following for "later on"... parenting blogs, couponing blogs etc. 

So I bookmarked all the "later on" blogs and purged! I unsubscribed to 30 or 40 blogs. It felt good. And I reorganized my beloved google reader. I now only have four categories of blogs: people blogs (blogs about life from people I know or feel like I know), food blogs (love new recipes!), helpful blogs (moneysavingmom, simplemom etc), and home decor (cant live without my young house love!). And I have gone a step further, I only feel the NEED (you blog readers know what I mean right, the "i absolutely have to read these today" need?? I am not alone am I?) to read the people blogs. The others are there for whenever I have time. Yes the unreads are piling up... but I am not caring. I am not missing out. 

I know its teh time for Spring Cleaning, but isnt it funny that even "cyberspace clutter" can need to be purged?? So thats how I am stylin, profilin and simplifin these days....

Have you done any Spring purging yet??

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  1. you are so good at purging clutter! I recently did the same thing with my blogs i follow b/c seriously I would read over 150, and read every single post! now i'm using google reader, just skimming through some of my food blogs, and loving the freedom! lol. crazy how this bloggy thing can be so addicting!

    Love you hair too btw...i'm contemplating a new cut. hubs likes it long, but we'll see.

    btw...the tiny toothbrush is so i can reach all my teeth ;)