Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cloth Diapers: The fit on a newborn

We are mainly using One Size Pocket Diapers on Griffin. You can read more about what those are here. The good thing about them is that they should last us until he potty trains. The bad thing is they are quite bulky on a smaller baby. Oh well. So here are some shots on how they are fitting Griffin right now, while he is 10 lbs.
A BumGenius newborn diaper. He is almost too wide for these! 

A view of what the diapers look like under a onesie... 

 A BumGenius 4.0. They are pretty trim One Size. 
 Side view of the BumGenius 4.0
 The GoGreenPocket Champ. They are the trimmest One Size I have I think. 
 Side view of the Champ. Oh and sidenote- the insert does come out in the wash! Awesome! 
 The Kawaii One Size. They are my bulkiest ones I think. 
 Side View of the Kawaii. 
 My Alva. This is basically like the Kawaii. Cute print isnt it? 

I have a few others to take a picture of and post still. But thats what we have so far.

They have all been really absorbent so far. I have mainly just used the bumgenius newborn insert in most of them and just one insert in the rest (only have so many newborn inserts). Thats plenty for now.

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