Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More pictures from Day 1 Home

So we got out of the NICU around 12:30pm yesterday. We came home and showed the boy around, and let him meet Joey (and Zoey who just didnt care at all). Joey has sniffed him some and thats about all. He doesnt seem jealous so far or bothered by Griffin. He is still acting the same. Hope that continues!

Yes, Mommy was crying... I was jut so happy to finally be sitting in this nursery with a child in my arms! 
Griffin went down for a nap in his own crib, which he seemed to take to really well. While he napped we unpacked from the hospital and packed our first diaper bag! Ha! After the boy got up, we went with Daddy to a meeting at Starbucks and then headed to church. Last night was Open House for Warren County Schools, and our church provides food for North Warren's families. So we made a cameo at that event for a little while then came home. My parents, sister and nieces came up to see Griffin after that. My nieces were so excited because they had yet to get to see him! They did great with him. After that he ate and slept. Pretty normal night... at least our new normal!


  1. You & Griffin in the nursery are definitely frame-worthy! So sweet.

  2. Love the pictures!
    Thanks for sharing!