Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Follow up eval

(written on Tuesday)

So today we had a follow up lactation evaluation to see how things are going and help prepare me to return to work. Griffin weighs 10 lb 3 oz now! Nursing has gotten so much better. Griffin still pulls off a lot and cries some, but typically we don't have screaming sessions anymore. The lactation consultant today thought he may he showing signs of reflux. He using spits up after every feeding, and she said his fussiness and fighting to go back on the breast might be indicators. So she suggested we go see the doctor for meds.

So we went back to see Dr. Fraser today. This is our third time to see him. I tried to tell him I am not a hypochondriac who will be in every week, haha! He does not think Griff has reflux and was annoyed that the lactation consultant worried me. He said the medicine really only helps with the burning in the esophagus and gives relief to babies who are very unhappy. Griffin is generally a very happy baby and does not fuss more than any normal baby. So he really advised me to just keep the nursing up, and to sit Griffin up for 20 minutes after eating. He said he will get better soon.

He has now spit up down my underwear and my bra, so I hope so! Haha! Motherhood is so glam.

And so the nursing saga continues...

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